Amal Organization for Relief and Development announces its desire to solicit quotations in sealed envelopes to purchase and slaughter sheep on the first day of Eid al-Adha for its project implemented in Syria, Kafr Takharim area.

  • Tender request number: ARD2021-005
  • Tender End Date: 07-07-2022
  • Purchase requisition number: PR-2021-073


The supplier wishing to submit to the tender is obliged to fill out the price offer attached to the advertisement, which includes the supplier’s information in addition to the price in US dollars exclusively, bearing in mind that the process of slaughtering, cutting, packaging, cooling and cleaning is the responsibility of the supplier on a daily basis during the 4 days of Eid al-Adha according to the expected schedule of quantities attached (1) The price offer shall be duly stamped with the official company seal.

The supplier wishing to apply for the tender is also obligated to provide the organization with the following files:

  1. Technical conditions book according to BOQ signed and stamped with the official seal of the company: Annex 1 "Please download it from the link below".
  2. Price offer signed and sealed with the official company seal: Annex 2 “Please download it from the link below”.
  3. Attach the company profile.

Tender files

To download the files, please click on the attachments