Care is a charitable endowment established in Lebanon under base number 695 on 12/14/1985. It is based on charitable and development projects and aims to help the needy person, care for the families of orphans, the disabled, the poor and those with additional needs, and ensure their livelihood and education, and to assist civil institutions.

The various fields of relief, care and sustainable development, in cooperation with international donor institutions, both Arab and foreign, aim to help the needy, especially Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where it has an integrated financial, administrative and technical system.

Therefore, we would like the Care Foundation to launch the special tender for the sacrifice project 2022 from the Qatar Charity Association for the purchase of calves.

Sponsorship invites all companies specialized in supplying the above-mentioned materials and their accessories to submit their bids.

Attached is a list of the required specifications

  1. Bids must be submitted in US dollars, stamped and signed, and sent via e-mail (
  2. The last date for submission of bids is Monday, 7/27/2020 at 10:00 am
  3. Attach both: a valid commercial register - a valid tax card.
  4. The prices offered shall be inclusive of all customs duties, taxes and fees for other expenses.
  5. Sponsorship is not obligated to accept the lowest bid or any other bid.

Specifications required for calves

  1. Type
  2. Age: two years and over
  3. Weight: 475-525 kg