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Domestic breeding calf for sale

A local breeding calf is available in Al Ain

age nine months

The location of the inspection Abu Bakriya

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$ 1,500

14 mixed calves

For sale 14 calves of my country mixture, the highest specifications, all immunizations, the price of a kilo for a calf of 250 kg is 60 pounds

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$ 1,000

Angus beef

Angus cows, one of the breeds of cows of northeastern Scottish origin, the interest in race and improvement of the breed began 200 years ago and is considered the best breed for beef production and is divided into red and black Angus.

Today, this breed is bred all over the world, especially in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Europe and New Zealand.

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$ 4,000

Charrolet Calves

This is a special type of calves called charolais, which is of French origin and is special for meat, where it can reach an average weight of 1250 kg and up to 1800 kg if it receives the necessary care. Originated in the French province of Charollet, it is creamy white in color. Cows weigh 700-950 kg and milk production is 2700 kg, this breed is early in sexual maturity and the weight of the calf at birth is 45 kg. The yield of the carcass is 68-74%.

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$ 3,000

Organic and mineral fertilizer spreader for sale

To work with compost or other organic stone-free manure

Large turbine with a set of knives and a side plate for spreading the fertilizer

Hydraulic slot for adjusting plate speeds and conveyor chains

Starting from 2.5 cubic meters, iron or stainless steel walls

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$ 5,000

Harri (Domba)

It is a Saudi sheep breed spread in the Hijaz region, named after the Harat, which are the dormant volcanoes areas in western Saudi Arabia. The weight of an adult male reaches 60 kg, while females reach 45 kg, and they rarely come with horns, with coarse wool and mostly white, but they may come in other colors such as brown, black and abalq. This strain is spread in the Hijaz, specifically in the mountainous areas, and is not found in the Tihama and coastal areas. Some females give birth to twins, up to three sometimes

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$ 220

sacrificial buffalo

Sacrificial buffalo sip the highest net weight ratio from 400 kg to 550 kg with the possibility of arranging slaughter

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$ 2,500